Afghan tiger, Gulbadin Naib


In the past, a lot has been written about “Gully”, one of our premier cricketers of Afghanistan. Herein, we are going to translate you an article from a Bangladeshi newspaper so that you can get an insight of what they think of Gulbadin Naib, the rising sensation of our national team.

Afghan tiger, Gulbadin Naib

The old philosophy, “earning maximum profit with less investment” holds true for Sheikh Jamal Dhanmondi club who are currently enjoying the services of one of their key foreign recruits of this season. They have judiciously invested in such an all rounder who is exhibiting superb all round skills match after match in the ongoing Dhaka premier division one day cricket league. This charismatic dynamite which we are talking about is none other than Gulbadin Naib of Afghanistan.

Like on last Friday, playing against the Kalabagan cricket academy, Naib scored a blistering knock off 99 runs in only 68 balls with 6 fours & 8 sixes & took his team to 205 runs in a rain interrupted 34 over game.

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And the person who has discovered & unearthed this talent is the chairman of cricket himself, Mr. Musfiqur Rahman Mohon of Sheikh Jamal who incidentally is also the principle owner of Duronto Rajshahi team of BPL.

Before this league, no one knew about Naib that much but this tournament has certainly given him a new lease of identity as he continues to mesmerize & entertain the people with his consistent clean hitting. In his first appearance against the Mohammedan Sporting Club, scored a rollicking 54 ball, 93 unbeaten runs with 6 fours & 7 sixes which eventually helped his club win by a record margin of runs.

Not only with the bat, Naib is also doing a good job with the ball. Though he could not perform that much well against Abahoni the next match, where he made only 20 runs & managed to pick a solitary wicket. But he came back strongly with a bang in the next with a magnificent unbeaten 99. The way Gulbadin is progressing in this league, he could well give the top run getter, Mosaddek Hossein Soikot, a run for his money who at the moment is sitting pretty with an aggregate of 320 runs.

Naib is also very young.  He is currently 22. Although he is born & brought up at the refugee camp of Peshawar but instead, represents the Afghanistan team. But currently he is not a part of the national squad playing Kenya in UAE.

He started his career in 2008 by playing the division 5 league in Jersey. He considers the great, Arnold Schwarzenegger as his idol. He played in the 2010 Asian games representing his national side. Till date has played 8 ODIs for his country with an aggregate of 70 runs. Has also captured 5 wickets so far with the ball. His biggest success came when he made 43 unbeaten runs & captured 2 wickets against Nepal in the finals of ACC Twenty20 Cup this year. He has also scored a List A century against a Pakistan A side early this year.

Mohon has been instrumental in procuring Naib for Jamal. Though there were propositions to rope established foreign players for the club but he as a chairman opted for lucrative talents like Shehzad & Naib. However they exercised lot of intensive research before deciding on these these two key Afghan players.

Needless to say there were many who wrote them off at the beginning but with each passing match Naib is proving everyone, what he can actually do. When Naib returned after scoring 99, Mohon inquisitively asked, “Aren’t you disappointed that you missed on a century by whisker?” Naib replied innocently, “Ahamdulillah, whatever happened, has happened for the good & I have no regrets about it”.

Being a pure cricket enthusiast, I am mesmerized by the way Afghanistan have progressed so far within the realms of cricket, a game they have used as a weapon to spread the message of peace & harmony across the globe.

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5 thoughts on “Afghan tiger, Gulbadin Naib

  1. Break Up says:
    we love afghan bd fan
  2. Ahmad Ullah says:
    Afghans are always friendly
  3. ParwizMamozai says:
    Afghans are really talented and have great skills, but the last three decades of civil war and disasters have taken a way their opportunities to prove themselves. from 2001, when the new government has been established, Afghan are improving in different field particularly in SPORT, for which the Afghan National Cricket can be a great instance that developed incredibly during the past years. As an Afghan and a fan of cricket, I proud on these talented boys, like Naib, Nabi, Shehzad and the whole team. they play cricket not only as a sport, but as a best way to create a united nation, to encourage people toward peace, to make the whole nation happy and feel proud.
  4. Shitab Islam says:
    Afgans ar doing well in cricket maa sha Allah :)
  5. Seeyar Ahmadzai says:
    ParwizMamozai  Saib, These guys have simply been amazing. Their struggle/spirit should be inspiration to all of us. They started nowhere and are among the absolute elite now. They have proved that nothing can stop us if we believe in ourselves and work honestly towards our goals