Afghanistan cricket receives associate status

ACB (Afghanistan Cricket Board) announced the country has received the ICC associate membership in an ICC annual meeting at the home of cricket, Lords Cricket Ground, in London today to boost Afghan cricket fund and growth.

The development comes after the ACC (Asian Cricket Council) was impressed by the ACB’s cricket developments, current projects and future plans in the war ravaged country. ACB CEO Dr Noor Muhammad Murrad was attended the meetings and delivered the talks concerning the cricket ambition of Afghanistan. ACC then recommended Afghanistan’s application to the ICC (International Cricket Council) who thoroughly discussed it and finally agreed today to award the associate membership to cricket Afghanistan to much of the delight of millions Afghan fans around the globe.

Afghanistan cricket board announced the full details of this breaking news in a report on their social media account, Facebook, as translated below.

“Cricket board of Afghanistan has obtained ICC’s 2nd tier membership. Afghanistan has been awarded the Associate status by the ICC in London.

ICC’s annual meeting has started yesterday in London attended by ACB CEO Dr Noor Muhammad Murrad.

Dr Murrad said that Afghanistan been battling hard for achieving the membership and has met all of the ICC’s terms and conditions as well.

He added, that ACB has presented the request and application to the ACC in their annual meeting in which he [ACB CEO] explained the current developments and future ACB plans. As a result ACC accepted the application and was then forwarded to the general ACC meeting.

Dr N M Murrad said that, he had presented the application as well as the developments and the plans [of cricket] to ICC as well. They had discussion involving Afghanistan and after some occasions in London today at Lords cricket ground they awarded the associate membership to Afghanistan.

On this achievement, Dr Murrad congratulated the entire country, cricket players, and fans. He added to continue the struggle for achieving the full membership.

Dr Murrad said that Afghanistan is the only country to achieve this feet in a very short period of time after a lot of hard struggles. Cricket CEO praised the good cricket board, the Afghan players’ countless achievements.”

The ICC Associate membership means a lot to the rising cricket nation of Asia, Afghanistan. It would mean a rise in the funding as ICC currently offers approximately $700,000 annually. As Afghanistan has officially become the new ICC Associate member they will receive $850,000 of funding from now on. Moreover, they are now a step closer to joining the full member’s nations though that’s a long shot away. Nevertheless, the extra fund would provide the best platform to enhance their already rapid development of cricket in their country.

There are various cricket grounds, academies, and all sorts of infrastructures being built throughout Afghanistan. Their domestic cricket is well underway with thousands of young and talented cricketers taking part in various regional tournaments at both short formats of the game.

The recently concluded provincial ODI tournament, broadcast live on Shamshad TV, saw Nangarhar province cricket team being crowned the champions of Afghanistan beating Paktia province in the final in a low scoring thriller.

On the other hand, a regional t20 tournament has already reached its final. In the first semi-final, Spinghar Prangan [Tigers], captained by the Afghan fast bowler, Hamid Hassan, edged out Afghanistan’s flamboyant wicket keeper, Muhammad Shehzad’s Boost Satonki [Keepers] to reach the final.

While in the 2nd semi-final Amo Nahingan [Sharks], captained by Afghan all-rounder Mirwais Ashraf, beat Band-e-Amir Bazan [Eagles] lead by the Afghan captain, Muhammad Nabi, to set up a final showdown with Spinghar Prangans at the Kabul International Cricket Stadium.

Once the current tournament is completed, ACB has already planned another one, Afghan Supper League, which is coming soon as advertised on Shamshad TV and everywhere on social Media.

Now remains the question of becoming a full member cricket nation and playing test cricket. ACB’s plans for longer format are being put in place as well once the grounds are fully prepared and the entire domestic infrastructure is in accordance with acceptable standards, but that’s that future. For the future of Afghan cricket is absolutely dashing bright.

ACB (Afghan Cricket Board) CEO, Dr Noor Muhammad Murrad, has already set his sights on taking his country to the final destination as he conveyed his message in the ACB’s report to carry on working now towards becoming a full member in the future.

“Dr Murrad congratulated the entire country, cricket players, and fans. He added to continue the struggle for achieving the full membership.”

Zabihullah is a sports fanatic, predominantly combat sports, cricket and football. Writes for He is a frank critic, and blogger. Studies Biomedical Sciences at Wmin. U. London. Having the opportunity to motivate and inspire others through this platform, he sees and hopes that his limited knowledge can contribute to the cause of peace, prosperity and unity desperately dreamt of in his beloved country of birth, Afghanistan.

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  1. Råhmåt Shàh says:
    Many Many Congratulation for whole Afghanistan
  2. NaveedKhan1 says:
    Ma Sha Allah Afghanistan achieved the 2nd ICC membership due to their hard struggle and believe, we do believe that Afghan brave and talented players will soon receive the full membership from ICC In Sha Allah. As they receive their 2nd membership in a short period of time they will also obtain the full one.
  3. pardes says:
    good news for afghnistan cricket ,,,,,,,,,